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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, each unit comes with 2 years’ Basic Product Warranty on Motor Part (all other models) / 1 year Basic Product Warranty on Motor Part (Model Petite). You have the option to upgrade to Premium Warranty (1-for-1 exchange) as well. Click here to see the most updated Terms & Conditions for both Warranty Types.

About 35kg (all other models) / 30kg (Model Petite). But we do not recommend stretching it to 35kg. Assuming you are using a 10kg load washing machine, the maximum is about 3 loads but note this also depends if you are washing heavy items like quilt cover/blanket/mattress cover, etc. 

Yes, the Telescopic drop-down poles on each side, that run parallel to the unit’s body can be tucked up when not in use. There are nooks on each end to hold them in place. When needed, you can drop them down eg when you have bulky laundry items like mattress covers/blankets/quilts to hang.  When dropped down, these drop-down poles can be extended sideways to 2.2m; when not extended, they are 1.3m in length which is the same length as the unit’s body.

The cool air fans, hot air drying and UV light functions have a safety mechanism in place and automatically cuts off after 120 minutes (hot/cool air) and 30 minutes (UV) respectively, so it saves electricity and you can be rest assured even if you forget to turn it off when you head out of home.

We recommend that the rack be retracted back fully especially when there is laundry on it. When the rack is not fully retracted back up, especially with laundry on it,  the rack and laundry’s weight creates unnecessary tension on the steel strings while in that halfway down/not fully retracted position. It is not favourable as prolonged tension may damage the steel strings and may even cause them to snap. We recommend retracting the rack back up fully for regular usage, especially with laundry on it. As such, we recommend you send us photos of your desired area of installation for assessment by our  Installation Team before purchase. 

Yes, definitely! Do speak with our team on this so we can provide you with more details.

1. Self source contractor/electrician; we will deliver the item to you (free) and provide you with an installation video guide.

2. Basic Installation (cement ceiling below 3m and have an existing lighting point with switch) -$150.

3. Advance installation (e.g. ceiling above 3m, false ceiling, wooden ceiling, uneven ceiling, need to install additional trunking wire to extend from existing PowerPoint, create new lighting point, etc) – additional cost would be incurred and quoted based on installation requirement.

The price is purely product price. Installation is optional by default so you have the flexibility/option to choose how/who you want to help install e.g DIY/ own electrician/ID/contractor from house Reno etc. But we can arrange for installation if you require. Typically, Installation Cost starts from $150/-, depending on ceiling type, ceiling light point availability, ceiling height, etc.

Yes, Delivery is Free and we will deliver the item to your shipping address. 

Yes, definitely! In fact, this is most ideal if you have concealed wirings throughout the house. Do speak with our team on this so we can provide you with more details. 

Yes, we can help arrange for installation if you require. There are 2 types of installation-

1. Basic Installation (cement ceiling below 3m and have an existing working ceiling light point with switch i.e existing light bulb will be removed and lighting point will be used to power the rack instead) is at $150.

2. Advanced Installation (e.g. ceiling above 3m, false ceiling, wooden ceiling, uneven ceiling, need to install additional trunking wire to extend from existing PowerPoint, create new ceiling lighting point) – additional cost would be applicable and quoted based on installation requirement.

We require a booking at least a week in advance. Do let us know your preferred installation date and we will check availability. Do also note if you are residing in a condominium development, there may be restrictions on installation works set by the MCST on weekends and late afternoons on weekdays. Some MCSTs may also require owners/tenants to submit an email or application in advance for approval.

Installation fee to be made directly to the installer either via Cash or PayNow on installation day itself.

Installation slots are allocated in 2-hour frames as with common practices for deliveries and installations. This means the installation team will arrive within the allocated 2-hour frame. e.g. you have booked 9am-11am slot, the installation team will arrive between 9am and 11am. Do be around/in proximity to the vicinity during the booking slot to ensure our team can start installation upon arrival. This is to help ensure they will be on schedule for subsequent jobs thereafter. 

We also understand you may not be residing at the installation location yet or may need to step out of the house hence, to ensure a smooth process for both you and our installer, do let us know prior to the installation day if you would require the installation team preempt you 15-30mins before their arrival.  Do note there is a waiting charge of $10 per 10 mins block by our installer after 20mins of Grace Period, in the event they are unable to start installation upon arrival.

If your place is under renovation, do ensure your contractor/ID has cleared the installation area of raw materials/packages/obstructions on the floor prior to installation day.

If your ID/contractor will be there for the installation on your behalf, do share their contact details with our team so we can liaise with them for the installation.

For more details on DOs and DON’Ts in preparation for the installation, click here.

If your place is still under renovation, we strongly advise that the rack be installed after the major renovations, painting of ceiling/walls and carpentry are completed- the rack should be one of the last items to be installed. Some ID/contractors we have worked with do provide a final touch-up for completed paintwork, the rack can be installed before this step but not advisable to install it before the major painting works. Do speak with our team on this so we can provide you with more details. 

It is feasible. However, our installation team will require the installation area and orientation to be marked out on-site or via the pictures sent. Do speak with our team on this so we can provide you with more details. 

Yes, we can help to dismantle it for free. However, do include pictures of the existing rack for the virtual assessment so our team can better advise. Do also note that disposal, drill-hole patching, and painting services are not included.

If your place will be undergoing renovation, it is advisable to have your ID/contractor remove the existing one so they can help dispose of, patch up and paint any drill holes left behind, prior to the installation of the new rack. 

To determine if your space can accommodate the system as a whole, the minimum length required is 1.35m and the minimum width 0.52m (all other models) / minimum length required is 1m and the minimum width 0.5m (Model Petite) . 

Usually a light point with 10A switch.

Yes, it is possible. Wooden support/planks will be used for reinforcement. Virtual assessment will be done to determine installation requirements. Additional costs will apply and quoted based on requirements.

Yes, Galvanised brackets will be used. Virtual assessment will be done to determine installation requirements. Additional costs will apply and quoted based on requirements. We do also have customers who preferred to go without Galvanised Brackets as the rack is still within their reach when fully lowered.

As the rack is powered up with electricity and comprises electrical and motor components, these should not come into direct contact with water elements to ensure safety. The rack should be installed in indoor areas or balconies/semi-outdoor areas that are completely sheltered/have structural provisions in place to shelter the rack from direct rain and/or water elements. In addition, the unit should not be installed at the edge of the balcony. A minimum of 0.55m-0.8m setback from the edges of the balcony is required depending on the balcony and its varying conditions. Video the installation location for our team to assess if you are in doubt.

A site visit is not necessary as our assessment is done virtually. For your virtual assessment, you would only need to take videos/pictures of the location you wish to install. The dimension of our rack unit is 1.3m by 0.35m so as long there is sufficient ceiling space, there should be no issue. Additionally, to ensure the unit can fit in your desired area of installation as a whole, the length of the area should be greater than 1.3m and the width greater than 0.52m.  We can also assess if there would be any complications from the videos/pictures provided.

We are a purely online shop so we can keep costs low and pass on the savings to our customers. However, you could take a look at our comprehensive listing pictures and video of the item via the listing. 

Yes! We have partnered with Atome to enhance your shopping experience with an instalment payment option- 3 payments, 0% interest! Find out more at or reach out to Atome at for more information.  

When parts such as LED light, UV light bulbs etc need replacement from wear and tear, do reach out to our team via Whastapp Messaging. Do indicate the part that you would like to purchase for replacement. Our team may require pictures to confirm the part/s’ model and check for ready-stock at our warehouse. 

Payment for the part/s you are purchasing can be made via PayNow/FAST transfer to confirm your order.

Free doorstep tracked delivery to your address is included.

Due to the nature of the product, an exchange/refund/return is strictly not accepted for this product due to change of mind, once it is installed or delivered. This is to assure our customers that every unit sent to and/or installed for each customer is in a brand new, unused, straight from the box, and factory-preset condition. As such, please ensure that you clarify the details and specs with HOMLÈDJ, our installation team, and/or your electrician/contractor before purchase. Prior to delivery/installation, in the event that you would like to upgrade the model or change the colour ordered, do check with our team on availability and further details. 
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