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HOMLÈDJ’s Automated Laundry Rack Series Featured on The Smart Local 


For homeowners who are sticklers for aesthetics, HOMLÈDJ’s Model X and X-Plus automated laundry racks come in a series of chic metallic colours, including Chic Gold, Sleek Silver, Cool Grey and Noir Black. Not trading form for functionality, both models also boast a 16W LED light to illuminate dim spaces, a quiet 50DB motor, and a smart sensor to guarantee safety.

The difference is that the Model X-Plus is fitted with dual cooling air fans as well as dual disinfecting UV lights – automatically shutting off at 120 and 30 minutes respectively for energy saving. Highly recommended for families with heavier laundry loads that need accelerated drying, or those prone to sinus and skin sensitivity who would benefit from regularly disinfected clothes.

Bonus: HOMLÈDJ’s automated laundry racks are kept competitively priced as they operate on a Modular Concept – meaning you can choose exactly what you want to get – and nothing more. Besides getting to choose your desired colour and whether you want basic or premium features, you can also opt for a Premium Warranty Upgrade, and separate installation services.

This means you won’t have to fork out installation fees if you’ve already planned for your own contractor, electrician or interior designer to settle the installation. To save even more, use the promo code <TSLxHOMLEDJ> to shave $50 off your first purchase, limited to the first 100 redemptions.

You can also get additional 1-year Basic Warranty just by taking a video of your new HOMLÈDJ automated laundry rack at home, and posting it on Facebook and Instagram. Make sure to tag the HOMLÈDJ Facebook and HOMLÈDJ Instagram accounts, and take screenshots of your posts for verification purposes.

Load capacity: 35kg
Poles: 2 | 1.3m-2.2m
Dropping distance: 1.3m
Price: $399.99 for Model X, $499.99 for Model X-Plus

Get the HOMLÈDJ Model X and X-Plus.

Source: https://thesmartlocal.com/read/automated-laundry-racks-singapore/

HOMLÈDJ’s Automated Laundry Rack Series Promo as seen on on Singsaver

As seen on Singsaver, the HOMLÈDJ x OCBC Collab continues into 2023. OCBC Bank's card holders continues to enjoy $50 off for the purchase of HOMLÈDJ's Automated Laundry Rack Series!

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In this new HOMLÈDJ x Maybank Collab, we bring a special deal to Maybank Privilege Members for the purchase of HOMLÈDJ's Automated Laundry Rack Series.

HOMLÈDJ’s Continued Collab with OCBC Bank


In this continued HOMLÈDJ x OCBC Collab, we bring a special deal to OCBC Bank's card holders for the purchase of HOMLÈDJ's Automated Laundry Rack Series.

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HOMLÈDJ's sticker pack Series-A is out! This is the first pack of our series revealing for the first time, Mr Bun™, our mascot. We hope you enjoy the sticker pack as much as we loved crafting it.