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Whether you are annoyed by loose socks that just would not hug your feet snugly or tired of loosing socks in the laundry process, we have these great hacks for you!

Loose Socks! They slide down all the time! 

Fret not! Check out these recommended KonMari ways of folding for various types of socks, so you don’t stretch your socks in the storage process:

How to Loose No Socks Again

  1.  Pin or Clip the pair together prior to each washing session.
  2. Use a netted laundry bag! Gather all socks in a laundry bag.
  3. SockTABS them! You just have to do this once and it’s one innovative product we absolutely  love from the SharkTanks!

Been in a situation where your clothes just can’t seem to be kept organised for long? Or perhaps no matter how you roll, stack and squish your clothes in the wardrobe, there is never enough space! Well, we have curated a short video here to help solve these problems!

We totally get the frustration of folding and storing mattress covers! But everything changed when we found this simple hack:

And of course, after the not-so-herculean-anymore task of folding, we absolutely love how Marie Kondo organises her folded sheets:

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