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Hei there! Welcome to HOMLÈDJ, pronounced / home-le-dee-jay /. “home-le (home 了)” literally means in the most Singaporean way, home already. “dee-jay” are the letters ‘D’ and ‘J’, that represents “Dao Jia (到dào 家jiā)” in Mandarin aka ‘reached home’! Our earliest company logo embodies this with an upside down (“dào” in Mandarin) “jiā” (Chinese Character for “Home”). As you scroll through our website, you would have noticed our simplified logo in our header bar, which embodies our internationalisation as we expand to overseas markets.

HOMLÈDJ is founded by 2 passionate millennial entrepreneurs with the belief that we can enhance the quality of living in every Singaporean household and households beyond our shores, through a lifestyle of quality and affordable convenience.

How we started was really like this: So, we love scrolling through feeds, multitasking, love “instant” everything and staying up late. That means no time for breakfast, right? This was how we started off our first product, The Egg Maker, which practically addressed our own struggle with time. With our growing number of customers and support 🫶, many hours of labour and hard work, we introduced our very first Flagship product- HOMLÈDJ Automated Laundry Rack Series and, has steadily grown our brand over the years. 

HOMLÈDJ is established in 2016 as “Singapore Home Maker”. In 2020, we rebranded ourselves as HOMLÈDJ as we continue to expand with our goal of sharing innovative, convenient, quality, time-saving and affordable home products with the world.

And with this, our goal goes beyond growing our brand. We have a social calling and we envision ourselves to be a vessel to improve local communities through entrepreneurship. We are committed to providing a wonderful service experience and quality products at affordable prices to grow a corporation that can support our social cause of equipping third-world communities with entrepreneurial skills.

Thank you for being here and taking time to read about us! #sghomebrand #proudlysg #homledjlaundrysolutions

Yours Sincerely, 


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