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Automated Laundry Rack Care & Safety Instructions

  • Maximum load is about 35kg (all other models) / 30kg (Model Petite). But we do not recommend to stretch it to 35kg. Assuming you are using a 10kg load washing machine, maximum is about 3 loads but note that this also depends if you are washing heavy items like quilt cover/blanket/mattress cover etc.
  • Spread the laundry load evenly across the rack so as not to place excessive tension on either steel strings.
  • When you are done hanging your laundry on the rack, always ensure the that the rack is retracted back fully. When the rack is not fully retracted back up especially with laundry on it, the rack and laundry’s weight creates unnecessary tension on the steel strings while in that half way down/not fully retracted position. It is not favourable as prolonged tension may damage the steel strings and may even cause it to snap.
  • Do not tug or pull the steel strings. Regularly check to ensure nothing is caught on the steel strings and ensure that steel strings are not tangled with the extension plates or any other materials.
  • When using the telescopic poles, pull or push them in slowly. Start with the bottom poles then the top poles. Do not pull or push the poles abruptly or forcefully. Regularly tighten the screw caps and screws at the end of the poles as they may loosen over time with daily use. 
  • Do not pull/yank/tug your laundry down from the rack, especially from the telescopic poles. Always lower the rack to your arm/comfortable height to enable you to comfortably pick the laundry up from the poles (instead of pulling and tugging them downwards). 
  • Ensure the rack is fully sheltered from rain element to maintain the integrity of its motorised and electrical components.
  • Always allow the rack to retract/extend on its own after pressing the remote button.
  • If you would like to clean the rack, you may use a vacuum, feather duster or a clean dry cloth. Do not wash with water or splash water on it for cleaning. Always ensure the main switch is turned off before cleaning the rack.
  • Always switch off the rack with the remote control when it is not in use.
  • Always switch off the main switch of the rack if you will be away from home for a couple of days or weeks.
  • Replace the remote’s battery regularly or when it is running low. If you will be travelling or not using the rack for a prolonged period, do remove the remote’s battery and store them in a cool dry place. Click here to see the remote’s buttons’ functions.
  • More questions? Read product FAQs HERE.
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