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Whether you are annoyed by loose socks that just would not hug your feet snugly or tired of loosing socks in the laundry process, we have these great hacks for you!

Loose Socks! They slide down all the time! 

Fret not! Check out these recommended KonMari ways of folding for various types of socks, so you don’t stretch your socks in the storage process:

How to Loose No Socks Again

  1.  Pin or Clip the pair together prior to each washing session.
  2. Use a netted laundry bag! Gather all socks in a laundry bag.
  3. SockTABS them! You just have to do this once and it’s one innovative product we absolutely  love from the SharkTanks!

Been in a situation where your clothes just can’t seem to be kept organised for long? Or perhaps no matter how you roll, stack and squish your clothes in the wardrobe, there is never enough space! Well, we have curated a short video here to help solve these problems!

We totally get the frustration of folding and storing mattress covers! But everything changed when we found this simple hack:

And of course, after the not-so-herculean-anymore task of folding, we absolutely love how Marie Kondo organises her folded sheets:

Wash wet and/or sweaty clothes immediately. Don’t soak them overnight.

While soaking as a pre-wash treatment may help to get rid of smells, soaking sweaty laundry overnight tends to make it worse. Water goes stale when clothes sit in it for a prolonged period. Scrubbing is more important than soaking. Technically, once the detergent is in the fabric, the fibers are loosened up. This helps to release dirt and other particles from the fabric. Dirt will make the water stagnant if it sits overnight.

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Use detergent formulated for indoor drying

These detergents are formulated with anti-bacterial components that claim to help deter bacteria multiplying. Having said that, the moisture in the clothes still has to be taken care of, otherwise, it is still a pretty comfortable environment for mould spores and mildew to thrive. 


Go for a more thorough wash program if you have sweaty clothes

A high-efficiency washing machine has a sensor that ensures it has enough water for a thorough wash program. Water-efficient washing machine uses less water and detergent to clean the clothes. It can have a longer cycle time but also a more thorough wash cycle.

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Plan how the laundry is hung

Big items such as towels and bed linens should be hung with the longer section hanging  down and asymmetrically i.e one end is longer than the other. This ensures there is as little overlap as possible and as much surface is exposed for drying.

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Hang clothes immediately once the wash cycle is complete

The dark, warm and moist environment in the washing machine causes bacteria to grow on the clothes and due to this, it will release a musty odor. Taking these clothes out as soon as the wash has ended, prevents the multiplying of such bacteria (Abgarian, 2020).

In addition, these microbes on the fabric will later react with bodily secretions like sweat and sebum, to produce volatile organic compounds that will further aggravate the bad odor on clothes (Peshin, 2020)


Use fan and UV functions on automated laundry rack if hanging indoors or on rainy days 

The fan and UV light functions have a safety mechanism in place and automatically cuts off after 120 minutes and 30 minutes respectively, so you can be rest assured even if you forget to turn it off when you head out of home. 

Drying laundry indoors using these functions dries the clothes within 3-5 hours (depending on the load and fabric types) while conventional drying on poles could take up to an entire day depending on the weather.

So why are Singaporeans choosing this over conventional clothes drying methods? Click here to read more. 

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