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Get started in 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1: Register for an account

Note: For Affiliate Partner Program registrations, please add APP to the end of your username in the registration form, e.g John APP. This is not required for Tribe Affiliate Program.

Register for an account here:

Once it is approved, you can log into your account:

Step 2: Update your PayNow-linked mobile number or PayNow-linked UEN

Under “Settings” of your Affiliate Dashboard, update your PayNow-linked mobile number (or PayNow-linked UEN for Affiliate Partner Program) to “Account name” for future commission payments:

Step 3: Update your Unique Affiliate Link and start sharing

3a. For Tribe Affiliate Program

  • You can copy your general affiliate URL from your dashboard under “Link Generator”.


3b. For Affiliate Partner Program 

Copy this link below in bold and update your affiliate ID to the back of this link to generate your Unique Affiliate Link-;ref=(insert your affiliate ID here) .

e.g. your affiliate ID is: 2, your affiliate URL will look like this:  :

You only have to do Steps 1 & 2 once! For subsequent referrals, you just have to share your unique referral link (step 3) with them. When they make an order via this link, it will automatically be reflected on your Affiliate Dashboard.

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