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Correct Ways of Accessing Parts of the Rack

Important: Ensure you have switched off the main switch before changing/removing any part/s.

Step 1: Unscrew the screws nested in the side cover. Take note to unscrew completely and keep the screws properly- you will need them when screwing back the side cover.

Step 2: Pull the side cover outwards.

Step 3: Take out the panel covering the fan/s.

Step 4: Take out the light panel. Take note and take a picture of which port it is plugged into, to help you remember where to plug the new panel into during replacement. 


Step 5:  Now, unplug the panel from the main rack, and plug in the new replacement LED light panel if required.

When purchasing this replacement part from us, you will be required to share with us a picture of the LED light panel clearly showing the tip of the wire connector. This is to ensure our team can check with warehouse on ready-stock for the correct part and model. 

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