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If using outdoors, need to place drainage mat underneath?

The bottom of the grass has holes and is actually undulated to facilitate water flow. However, we still recommend to use a drainage mat underneath if u are using outdoors or areas prone to flooding. You can check out our Drainage mats/boards here: 

Will it get soaked with water and turn smelly if placed at HDB door step outside e.g when town council wash floor?

It will definitely be soaked in water if they wash the grass along with the floor. But the grass patch allows for water to pass through as there are holes underneath and the bottom is undulated for water flow. Smell will really depend on environmental & use factors eg. any dirty/contaminated/soiled water from nearby planters/drains washed up on the grass when town council washes, any uneven flooring that may cause water puddles to build up or obstruct water flow, if the area is well ventilated, have sunlight exposure so grass will dry thoroughly etc.

What is the difference between Basic 1cm, Soft 2cm and Lush 3cm grass types?

The difference is in the length so the feel to the feet are different. Lush 3cm feels much plusher to the feet compared to Soft 2cm. As the name suggests, Soft 2cm feels softer compared to Basic 1cm!

Do you do custom dimensions for all the grass types?

Yes, we do custom measurements to the nearest 10cm. Check with us for stock availability of your desired dimension. 

Why don’t you custom to exact sizes?

Our policy is to supply to the nearest 10cm for custom dimensions because it is trim-able to fit and we also do factor in margin of error. As u cannot ‘extend’ it if it is too short but can always trim to fit. We seek your understanding in this 🙏

Can we cut by ourselves using a pair of normal scissors?

We would not recommend using normal household or stationary scissors as it would be difficult to cut through. We recommend the use of a pair of heavy duty scissors such as the Super Sharp Snip Scissors we carry, or a super-sharp penknife with straight ruler to cut through the sheet cleanly and effectively.

Is there anything to note before first use?

We strongly encourage to dust off the grass carpet’s front and back throughly before use. If you are using the grass carpet indoors, you can clean again using a vacuum on Low Setting after a good dusting/beating, as this will be more thorough (because they are cut in the warehouse on demand, the ramnants from cutting will inevitably be picked up while it was being cut, prepared and packed).

Is installation easy?

The installation is quite straight forward. We will provide you an installation video guide for ErgoLuxe Models and pictorial guide for ErgoSupreme Models.

What if I find defects during Self-Assembly?

If you discover any any functional/structural defects during self-assembly, we will do a replacement after assessment.

Do you have a showroom?

We are a purely online shop so we can keep cost low and pass on the savings to our customers. However, you could refer to the videos and photos collections in the listings to understand the features and functions better. For any manufacturing defects affecting functionality, please contact us.

Can I refund/return if I change my mind after assembling or realise I actually prefer the specs of another model you have?

For hygiene, we strictly do not accept exchange/refund/return once chair is assembled, due to change of mind/wrong measurements/alternative preferences. As such, please refer to the specs of the chairs as well as compare with your existing ones before purchase. 

Are the ErgoLuxe Plus and ErgoLuxe suitable for me?

The ErgoLuxe Plus and ErgoLuxe models are recommended for users up to 135kg, between 140cm and 175cm.

Are the ErgoSupreme Plus and ErgoSupreme suitable for me?

The ErgoSupreme Plus and ErgoSupreme models are recommended for users up to 150kg, between 150cm and 190cm.

How do I care for the product?

Please click here for Care Instructions

Note: HOMLÈDJ shall be in no way liable for Death or personal injury resulting from negligence or improper and incorrect use of the chair other than its intended use as an office/desk/study chair for purposes of the user sitting at an office table/desk/study table. 


What is the width of ladder when folded up/closed?

About 5.5cm in width when folded up/closed. 

What is the height of 4 Steps Ladder when folded up/closed?

About 152cm in height when folded up/closed. 

What is the height of 4 Steps Ladder when opened up?

About 145cm in height when opened up; 100cm from floor to top step. 

What is the height of 5 Steps Ladder when folded up/closed?

About 172cm in height when folded up/closed. 

What is the height of 5 Steps Ladder when opened up?

About 164cm in height when opened up, inclusive of handrail; 120cm from floor to top step. 

What is the weight of 4 Steps Ladder ?

About 7.3kg.

What is the weight of 5 Steps Ladder ?

About 8.5kg.

What is the weight bearing?

    >COMBINED MAX BEARING OF STEPS 300KG (4 Steps), 375KG (5 Steps);

Can I exchange or refund/return if I change my mind after receiving or realise I actually prefer the specs of another model you have?

If the item is completely unopened and in its original packaging as upon receipt of delivery, you may contact us for a refund/return. Note however, that the delivery cost of return will be borne fully by buyer and refund will only be disbursed after HOMLÈDJ receives and inspects the item to confirm it is intact in its original packaging, in original condition and is unopened.

An exchange for a same priced or higher priced item is possible, where buyer will be required to top up for the price difference where applicable. If  you wish to exchange your received item with an item that is of a lower price value, please note that no refund of price difference will be disbursed by HOMLÈDJ. Additionally, the full cost involved in delivery of new item to buyer and returning of existing item to HOMLÈDJ for the exchange, shall be borne fully by the buyer. 

In both of the above scenarios, you may check the relevant delivery costs with us or engage your own bulky item delivery service to complete the delivery. Note however, if you choose to engage your own bulky item delivery service, HOMLÈDJ shall not be liable for any damages to the item that is acquired during delivery to you and any damages to the item that is acquired during delivery to HOMLÈDJ will be taken into account for our assessment process of returned products.

How do I care for and use the product?

Please click here for Care Instructions

What if I find defects?

In the rare event that you do discover a surface defect, we will do a reimbursement based on assessment. Please send us clear pictures for assessment.

How to use the Power Drill safely?

  • Always ensure you put on insulated tool gloves to protect your hands.
  • Protect your face/eyes with proper face shields and/or goggles when using any electric tools.
  • Use the tool away from combustibles, flammables and/or ignition sources.
  • Practise safety distance from others in the vicinity when tool is powered up and always point the tool away from people.
  • Store electric tools in a dry place when not in use.
  • Do not use electric tools in damp or wet locations.
  • Keep work areas well lighted when operating electric tools.
  • Always turn off the power when not in use.
  • When using a high-velocity tool, do not drive screws/fasteners more than 3 inches (7.62 centimeters) from an unsupported edge or corner of material such as brick or concrete.
  • When using a high velocity tool, do not place screws/fasteners in steel any closer than 1/2-inch (1.27 centimeters) from an unsupported corner edge unless a special guard, fixture, or jig is used.
  • Do not drive screws/fasteners into material that would allow the screw/fasteners to pass through to the other side.
  • Do not drive screws/fasteners into very hard (that is out of recommended material type range) or brittle material that might chip or splatter or make the screws/fasteners ricochet.

What do Gears do?

Think of it like a bicycle, if you are going up hill, you use a low gear so you don’t have to pedal so hard. If you are on flat ground or down hill, you use high gear to go faster.

So the harder the surface you need to drill, you can use lower gear.

More gears just mean more flexibility in use over a range of types of materials.

What torque to use? 

There is no hard and fast rule to how it’s used or specifically what torque to use. It is dependent on the material, size of screws etc and you will have to adjust as you are using it.

As a rule of thumb, the higher the number, the higher the torque and the larger the fastener that can be driven. Always start at a lower setting and start driving a screw/drilling. If there is too much resistance, the clutch will disengage the motor. Adjust the clutch to a higher number and find the balance that is required for the project you are working on.

Can it be used to drill internal walls e.g HDB?

Most old HDB and Condo’s internal walls are hollow bricks /blocks- these can be drilled thru. Use of PowerPlus & Power drill Models is not suitable for pure concrete, RC, precast concrete wall or any materials related to external facade wall.

Our buyers have successfully drilled through brick walls using PowerPlus & Power models.

If you have purchased the IMPACT drill Model, yes, it can be used to drill concrete materials as well. 

What is the difference between 16V and 12V?

Please see the comparison Specs Chart here: Power Drills Specs Chart

There is some oil coming out from the drill, is it normal?

Yes, this is normal as the motor and gears in the drill are oiled during its production in the factory, to ensure the components function smoothly. Use a cloth or tissue to clean away the oil as soon as you notice it, to prevent staining on the drill. If the former does not remove the oil completely as it has started to stain the drill, use WD40 or any oil based solvent to effectively remove the oil stain from drill. 

I notice sparks in the power drill when using, is it normal?

Power drills typically use direct-current, brushed motors to convert electrical energy into the motion that drives the spinning drill bit. Brushed DC motors control electromagnetic fields around a commutator, where the brushes produce sparks from the electromagnetic charge. In our electric drills, these sparks are clearly visible through an opening in the drill body. This type of spark, which occurs whenever the drill is running at any speed, is a normal part of the drill’s operation.

Since the electric power drill has a brushed DC motor, it is supposed to spark and the sparks are relatively contained inside the drill.

Read the Care & Safety Instructions here. 

How do I remove the battery from the drill?

Press on the side tabs located at the bottom of the battery and pull out the battery at the same time. To remove the battery easily, pull it out at a 45 degrees angle.

How do I charge the battery?

To charge the battery, first remove it from the drill. The battery has a charging port at the top end on the side that is above the words, “12V” or “16.8V”. After removing battery from drill, plug the charger into the charger port at the top end of the battery.

How do I use it?

1. Fill bottle up to 70% capacity.

2. Turn Nozzle anticlockwise (no gap in nozzle) or clockwise (gap in nozzle) for “Mist” or “Spray” function.

3. Pressurise bottle by pulling pump in an up/down motion for about 15 times. Do not over-pressurise bottle as bottle will crack. If bottle is not pressurising properly, check that the air-tube has been connected to the pump cap tightly and properly.

4. Press spray button tab, that is perpendicular to bottle handle, with thumb to start watering.


What does it mean when I cannot push the pump down anymore?

It means the bottle is fully pressurised and cannot be pressurised any further. Forcing the pump down will cause bottle to crack. Recommend to unscrew the pump cap a little to release some air first before use. Screw the pump cap back thereafter. 


How to switch between “Mist” and “Spray” functions? 

Turn Nozzle anticlockwise (no gap in nozzle) or clockwise (gap in nozzle) for “Mist” or “Spray” function.


Why is my bottle not being pressurised even though I have been pushing the pump up/down for a long time? 

This happens because the air-tube has not been connected to the pump cap properly. First, unscrew the pump cap from the bottle. Then, unscrew the air-tube (the thicker tube) from the pump cap and screw it back on again, tightly. Now, screw the pump cap back to bottle and start pressurising the bottle again. 


How to start spraying/misting?

Press spray button tab, that is perpendicular to bottle handle, with thumb to start watering. Use your thumb to keep the tab depressed for perpetual spraying/misting; you do not have to keep pressing/releasing as you would a conventional spray. 


After spraying/misting for some time, no water comes out anymore when I press the Spray Button Tab. What do I do?

When this happens, it means the bottle is not pressurised anymore. The pressure in the bottle decreases as you spray/mist. It is now time to pressurise the bottle again. Pressurise bottle by pulling pump in an up/down motion for about 15 times. Do not over-pressurise bottle as bottle will crack.