Automated Laundry Rack Premium Model- X Plus

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or 3 payments of $299.67 with


  • Weather-proof Indoor Drying
  • Easy, Safe and Convenient
  • Space Efficient
  • FREE Delivery
  • Free 2 Years Basic Warranty (option to upgrade to Premium Warranty)
  • Optional installation arrangement (Price does not include Installation)

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Why Do You Need Automated Laundry Rack?

  • Weather-proof Indoor Drying so your laundry is no more at the mercy of the ever-changing weather.
  • Easy, Safe and Convenient means no more heavy lifting of clunky poles full of heavy laundry out the window where it can be dangerous.
  • Space Efficient so you can hang as many clothes in any snug or tight space.

What Is Cool About Automated Laundry Rack?

  • Remote Controlled so you do not have to manually bring the heavy Laundry down.
  • 2 Drop-down poles that appears when you need and tuck away when you do not. So you can expand the hanging space for big, heavy laundry items such as blankets, bedding covers, quilt cover etc.
  • Additional Laundry Features including Fan and UV lights.

Features of Automated Laundry Rack Model- X

  • Super Bright 16W LED Light  so you do not have to worry about poor light source in service yards/balconies.
  • 304 Stainless Steel Wire Rope for a steady dynamic movement.
  • Silent Motor so you can hang your laundry quietly while the baby is sleeping.
  • Remote controlled so you do not need to do any heavy lifting. 
  • Rapid Air Drying System (Fan Function) so you can enjoy indoor drying without the musty smell.
  • UV Disinfection Function giving you peace of mind knowing that your laundry is still ‘sunned’ while indoors.

What about Installation?

  • Price is PURELY Product Price.
  • Installation is optional by default so you have have the flexibility/option to choose how/who you want to help install e.g own electrician/ID/contractor from house Reno etc
  • We can arrange for Installation if needed. Basic Installation is at $120/-.
  • You can also source for your own contractor/electrician.
  • Installation is simple and a video will be provided upon confirmation of shipping.
  • Typically, Installation Cost starts from $120/-, depending on ceiling type, ceiling light point availability, ceiling height etc.

What is Basic Installation?

Our Basic Installation generally refers to simple installation on (1)normal concrete ceiling below 3 Metres, (2)with an existing ceiling light point at installation location, (3)that is controlled by an independent switch. We can help remove existing ceiling clothes rack if needed. Installation Cost will exceed estimated Basic Installation Cost of $120/- if you have a high ceiling, uneven ceiling, non-concrete ceiling, no ceiling light point or nearby power point.

Information Our Installation Team/ Your Contractor Needs for Installation:

  • Picture of designated spot of installation.
  • Type of ceiling (original cement, false ceiling, beamed ceiling, uneven ceiling, wood ceiling etc.)
  • Availability and location of Existing light or powerpoint nearby that can be tapped on.
  • Ceiling height, if more than 3 meters.

How about Warranty?

Basic Warranty:

  • By default with purchase unless upgraded to Premium Warranty.
  • Our Local Warranty Covers replacement of Motor Part/s.
  • 2 Years.
  • Warranty Activation Date must be within 7 days from Item Delivered Date or Installation Date;
  • Click here to see the most updated Terms & Conditions.

Premium Warranty:

  • Our Local Warranty Covers a One-Time One-For-One Exchange During the Warranty Period, Regardless of the Damage; No Questions Asked;
  • Premium 1 Year @$60, 2 Years @$100, 3 Years @$149
  • Warranty Activation Date must be within 7 days from Item Delivered Date or Installation Date;
  • Click here to see the most updated Terms & Conditions.

Delivery Options:

  • Free: Seller Door Step Delivery.
  • Free: Pre arrange at least a day in advance for Self Pickup (Free) at 125 Geylang East Avenue 1, at Entrance of MWS Charis ACE, Mon-Fri 11am to 9pm / Sat 11am to 2pm. [Please inform us via Whatsapp to 8921 9419 if you would like to go with this option.]

How to Care for the Rack?

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If you have further questions on the product, you may find the common Product FAQs here. Additionally, you may find the answers to other commonly asked questions in our self-service messenger chat function at the bottom right. 


To activate your Warranty, get ready your Order/Invoice/Receipt Details and check to ensure you are registering for the correct Warranty type. Registering for the wrong Warranty will result in it being voided and forfeited. Please select below, the Warranty you are registering for:



Upgrade to Premium Warranty

3 Years (+$149), 2 Years (+$100), 1 Year (+$60), No, thank you. I only want Free 3 Years Basic Warranty.


Sleek Silver, Chic Gold

7 reviews for Automated Laundry Rack Premium Model- X Plus

  1. Anth*****

  2. Poh***

  3. li****

    Received item i good condition but haven’t started installation. seller is trust worthy

    • Hei

      Thank you for your feedback! Do let us know if you face any issues with installation. We would be glad to help! Remember to check out our 9.9 Sale coming up!

  4. Ant********

    Thank installer is gd 👍🏻 Will recommend to friend

  5. Ham***

    The package really heavy, will install soon.

  6. Tre***

    Good product.

    The 2 small blue light is for kill germs…. I dun know how effective it is… Haven’t try but look ok.

    There is light which is the bright white light.

    There is 2 fans to fastern the drying process for indoor.

    Install in new house haven’t hang laundry yet, house still reno. But all the button and function work when we test.

  7. Diy***

    Hi, thank you soo much… The installer made a great job!

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