Automated Laundry Rack Model- X

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  • Weather-proof Indoor Drying
  • Easy, Safe and Convenient
  • Space Efficient
  • FREE Delivery
  • Free 2 Years Basic Warranty (option to upgrade to Premium Warranty)
  • Optional installation arrangement (Price does not include Installation)


Read more about Automated Laundry Rack Model- X below. You may also click on “Additional information” or “Reviews” above, to see more. 

Why Do You Need Automated Laundry Rack?

  • Weather-proof Indoor Drying so your laundry is no more at the mercy of the ever-changing weather.
  • Easy, Safe and Convenient means no more heavy lifting of clunky poles full of heavy laundry out the window where it can be dangerous.
  • Space Efficient so you can hang as many clothes in any snug or tight space.

What Is Cool About Automated Laundry Rack?

  • Remote Controlled so you do not have to manually bring the heavy Laundry down.
  • 2 Drop-down poles that appears when you need and tuck away when you do not. So you can expand the hanging space for big, heavy laundry items such as blankets, bedding covers, quilt cover etc.

Features of Automated Laundry Rack Model- X

  • Super Bright 16W LED Light  so you do not have to worry about poor light source in service yards/balconies.
  • 304 Stainless Steel Wire Rope for a steady dynamic movement.
  • Silent Motor so you can hang your laundry quietly while the baby is sleeping.
  • Remote controlled so you do not need to do any heavy lifting. 

What about Installation?

  • Price is PURELY Product Price.
  • Installation is optional by default so you have have the flexibility/option to choose how/who you want to help install e.g own electrician/ID/contractor from house Reno etc
  • We can arrange for Installation if needed. Typically, Installation Cost starts from $120/-, depending on ceiling type, ceiling light point availability, ceiling height etc.
  • Basic Installation (cement ceiling below 3m and have an existing working ceiling light point with switch i.e existing light bulb will be removed and light point will be used to power the rack instead) is at $120/-. 
  • For Advance Installation (e.g. ceiling above 3m, false ceiling, wooden ceiling, uneven ceiling, need install additional trunking wire to extend from existing PowerPoint, create new ceiling lighting point) – additional cost would be incurred and quoted based on installation requirement so Total cost will be $120+additional cost based on installation requirement
  • Installation has to be booked at least a week in advance and is subject to availability of your preferred date and timings to avoid. Installation Fee is to be paid in CASH or PAYNOW after installation is completed on installation day itself. 
  • Do send us pictures of your location of installation so our team can assess the installation better.
  • You can also source for your own contractor/electrician. Installation is simple and a video will be provided upon confirmation of shipping.
  • During Checkout, please indicate under “Order Notes” if you would “Require Installation” or “Self-install” with own electrician/DIY. If you require installation but have not checked with our team on Installation Requirements and Cost prior to purchase, our team will be in touch with you via Whatsapp within 1-2 Business Days after your order has been placed. Installation Fee is to be paid in CASH or PAYNOW after installation is completed on installation day itself. 

What is Basic Installation?

Our Basic Installation generally refers to simple installation on (1)normal concrete ceiling below 3 Metres, (2)with an existing ceiling light point at installation location, (3)that is controlled by an independent switch. We can help remove existing ceiling clothes rack if needed. Installation Cost will exceed estimated Basic Installation Cost of $120/- if you have a high ceiling, uneven ceiling, non-concrete ceiling, no ceiling light point or nearby power point.


Information Our Installation Team/ Your Contractor Needs for Installation:

  • Picture of designated spot of installation.
  • Type of ceiling (original cement, false ceiling, beamed ceiling, uneven ceiling, wood ceiling etc.)
  • Availability and location of Existing light or powerpoint nearby that can be tapped on.
  • Ceiling height, if more than 3 meters.

How about Warranty?

Basic Warranty:

  • By default with purchase unless upgraded to Premium Warranty.
  • Our Local Warranty Covers replacement Motor Part/s.
  • 2 Years.
  • Warranty Activation Date must be within 7 days from Item Delivered Date or Installation Date;
  • Click here to see the most updated Terms & Conditions.

Premium Warranty:

  • Our Local Warranty Covers a One-Time One-For-One Exchange During the Warranty Period, Regardless of the Damage; No Questions Asked;
  • Premium 1 Year @$60, 2 Years @$100, 3 Years @$149
  • Warranty Activation Date must be within 7 days from Item Delivered Date or Installation Date;
  • Click here to see the most updated Terms & Conditions.

Delivery Options(if you do not require Installation):

  • Free: Seller Door Step Delivery.
  • Free: Pre arrange at least a day in advance for Self Pickup (Free) at 125 Geylang East Avenue 1, at Entrance of MWS Charis ACE, Mon-Fri 11am to 9pm / Sat 11am to 2pm. [Please inform us via Whatsapp to 8921 9419 if you would like to go with this option.]

How to Care for the Rack?

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If you prefer to have a Premium version of this with more functions, we have what you are looking for. Our Model- X Plus offers additional Fan and UV functions. Click here to see more: Automated Laundry Rack model- X Plus


If you have further questions on the product, you may find the common Product FAQs here. Additionally, you may find the answers to other commonly asked questions in our self-service messenger chat function at the bottom right. 


To activate your Warranty, get ready your Order/Invoice/Receipt Details and check to ensure you are registering for the correct Warranty type. Registering for the wrong Warranty will result in it being voided and forfeited. Please select below, the Warranty you are registering for:


Can I place a Deposit first?

            1. We accept a $50/- Deposit if you want to make a reservation to secure this pricing.

            2. For reservations, please update us at least 2 weeks in advance on installation/delivery date.

            3. Reservations can be made up to 9 weeks (63 days) in advance.

            4. If you need it at a much later date, contact our team to check what we can do for you.

            5. Deposit is fully refundable before confirmation of delivery/installation date. 

            6. If the reserved item is not claimed by the end of 9th week (end of 63rd Day), Deposit is automatically forfeited and is non-refundable. This clause shall not be applicable if a pre-arrangement has been made with us under point number 4 above.  
            7. Fill in the form below to make your reservation:


Warranty Type

Premium 3 Years (+$149), Premium 2 Years (+$100), Premium 1 Year (+$60), No, thank you. I only want Free Basic Motor Part/s Warranty.


Sleek Silver, Chic Gold

14 reviews for Automated Laundry Rack Model- X

  1. Dean***

  2. hida**********

    Smooth and fuss free transaction.. Superb seller, Highly recommended! 🥰

  3. Jam****

  4. Jun***

    Product is easy to use. Installation team were very professional and helpful. Customer service support was very responsive. I really enjoyed the experience dealing with them.

    • Hei

      Thank you for your support and rating! To appreciate you, please accept a gift from us! Do check you chat:)

  5. A.

    Just have it installed. I love it ! My friend who helped me with the installation is getting one for himself too! Thanks seller for trying to find all ways n means to figure out how to install the rack at my service balcony with a slanted ceiling. Excellent service though installation was eventually called off.

    • Hei

      We are glad that you liked it! We use it ourselves and it really saves us hours and hours, effort and trouble hanging laundry! Thank you for referral too!

  6. suri**********

    • Hei

      Hi, Thank you for your feedback and rating! To many better laundry days ahead!!! To appreciate our customers, please accept a gift from us! Do check your chat:)

  7. cyk****

    Looks good. Will install it soon to try it. Thanks

    • Hei

      Thank you for your continuous support!:D Homledj is always looking out for new quality products with competitive prices for our customers! Look out for new products in this space and because u are our customer, we have PMed you a special voucher for use on your next purchase!

  8. E. P

  9. E.**

  10. Jenu**

  11. Jen***

  12. Choo**

    Very satisfied with the product and the installation process. Overall excellent customer service. I will recommend to my friends and relatives. Thanks and keep it up!

    • Hei

      We appreciate your feedback very much!! Thank you and hope you are enjoying better laundry days ahead!! We use it too and we know how much it would help our customers.

  13. Kel***

    Yes the service is great. Thanks alot.

  14. Gin*****

    👍 job

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