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Lizard & Cockroach Trap (DH)

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  • Effectively catch lizards without laying a hand-> 24/7, even when you are asleep or not home
  • Non-toxic
  • Place them at any corner and out of sight.
  • Mess free, Use and throw

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What is Cool about it?

  • Lizards are attracted towards trap
  • Lizards(and potentially cockroaches and other insects) stick to the glue pad in the trap
  • No toxic insecticide/ pesticide chemicals involved

Why do you Need this?

  • Effectively catch lizards without laying a hand
  • Catch lizards 24/7, even when you are asleep or not home
  • Place them at any corner and out of sight

How to use:

1. Remove protective film from sticky trap-pad.

2. Fold tab in to create a “house” trap.

3. Place trap at lizard hot-spots.

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1 review for Lizard & Cockroach Trap (DH)

  1. Desm***

    Item received as described. Effective as usual in catching the lizards and cockroaches in the house.

    • Mae

      Hi Desm***, Thank you for your rating! Hope you find the product useful. To appreciate our customers, please accept a gift from us only for our existing customers! Do check your chat and our new products too! 🙂

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