Group Buy Host Program Terms & Conditions

1. General

  • Registration for Group Buy Host Program is extended to anyone residing in Singapore.
  • The Group Buy Host is in charge of the Group Buy and is the Liaison In-Charge between HOMLÈDJ and the Group Buy Kakis.
  • “Group Buy Kaki” and/or “Group Buy Kakis” collectively refer to each purchasing member placing an order via his/her housing estate/development’s Group Buy through the designated Group Buy Host under the Group Buy Host Program.
  • For a Group Buy to be created, you must meet the minimum order requirement and each Group Buy Kaki must reside within the same compound/ housing state / housing development.
  • Group Buy is based on the Backorder model and as such, the lead time for shipments to reach your Group Buy Kakis is 8-10 weeks from the date of Order Confirmation.
  • Order Confirmation status will be granted to your Group Buy when each Group Buy Kaki has placed an order and made full payment, via PayNow to HOMLEDJ PTE LTD, within 7 days of Group Buy Host’s submission of Group Buy Interest Form.
  • Once Order Confirmation status is granted to a Group Buy, no cancellation of any order made via the Group Buy is allowed.
  • If the Group Buy does not reach Order Confirmation status within 7 days of Group Buy Host’s submission of Group Buy Interest Form, it is a forfeited Group Buy.
  • Any forfeited Group Buy will automatically be nullified and any payments collected will be returned to your Group Buy Host via PayNow, within 7 working days. Group Buy Host will be responsible for disbursing the relevant amounts back to each Group Buy Kaki.
  • Each order from your Group Buy is delivered to each Group Buy Kaki’s doorstep on an allocated date. The date is allocated by HOMLÈDJ and you will be informed 1-2 weeks in advance.
  • In the event of failed deliveries to any of your Group Buy Kakis on the allocated delivery date, all failed deliveries will be delivered to your address and your Group Buy Kakis will have to arrange with you to make the self-collection from your house.
  • HOMLÈDJ Automated Laundry Rack Series Model X, Model X-Plus and Model Legacy are all eligible for Group Buy.
  • HOMLÈDJ Automated Laundry Rack Series Model Petite is not eligible for Group Buy.

2. The Commission

  • Will be calculated based on the final amount paid by each Group Buy Kaki. E.g. Group Buy Kaki places an order with Premium Warranty, your commission will be higher as compared to when a Group Buy Kaki places an order with Basic Warranty.
  • Any commission accrued from a forfeited Group Buy will be nullified.
  • In the unlikely event that a Group Buy becomes forfeited after gaining the Order Confirmation status, any commission accrued from the forfeited Group Buy will be nullified.
  • Your Group Buy will gain the staus of Completion when all orders under the Group Buy have been delivered on the allocated delivery date.
  • The commission for a successfully completed Group Buy will be processed the following month and the commission will be disbursed on the last day of that month.  E.g The Group Buy order was successfully completed in the month of March so your commission will be processed in the month of April and will be disbursed to you on the last day of April.
  • The commission earned will be disbursed via PayNow to Group Buy Host using the PayNow-Linked mobile number provided under “Account Name” in the Affiliate Dashboard.
  • Commissions shall be disbursed on the last day of each month.
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