Affiliate Partner Program

Who can join HOMLÈDJ’s Affiliate Partner Program?

Singapore-based IDs and contractor companies, businesses, property agents and insurance agents are invited to join this program. Please note registrations will be manually processed and approved.


What is HOMLÈDJ’s Affiliate Partner Program?

HOMLÈDJ Affiliate Partner Program is specially curated for HOMLÈDJ Automated Laundry Rack Series. 

We assure you and your referrals price transparency→ no price war, no undercutting, just pure commission to you. Contrary to the conventional product partnerships where IDs and contractors need to push items, fumble with chunky hardcopy catalogs, bring customers to the storefront, and compete with other distributors on price offerings, we have simplified and streamlined the process for our Affiliate Partners. Your clients (or anyone!) can make the purchase anytime, anywhere via your unique link and you will earn the commission effortlessly.

Why choose HOMLÈDJ’s Affiliate Partner Program?

We are a trusted SG home-brand pioneering this product category of Automated Laundry Rack, with our modular purchase concept and transparent cost structures, as featured by The Smart Locals (read more here).

View our online product catalog here

We are also an up-to-date e-commerce store that’s highly active on our Social Media Platforms. Check out our social media pages here: Facebook , Instagram .


How do you benefit from HOMLÈDJ’s Affiliate Partner Program?

Commission: Earn 18% commission on the referral’s paid amount during checkout
Affiliate Approval: Manual
Unique Links: A unique link to the landing page will be made available for you.


How to get started?

Click here to see the 3 steps to get started. 

Terms & Conditions

1. General

  • Affiliate Partner Program is only extended to Singapore-based IDs and contractor companies.
  • You can register for an account as an individual ID or as an ID/Construction company.
  • In the event that you have registered under this program by mistake, your account will automatically be converted to Tribe Affiliate Program with a commission rate of 10%.

2. The Commission

  • Shall be a flat rate of 18% and is applicable only to HOMLÈDJ’s Automated Laundry Rack Series purchased via the landing page at This program and its associated commission is not extended to and not applicable to other products sold via
  • Will be calculated based on the final amount paid in a successful conversion where a buyer purchases via the Affiliate Partner’s unique link.
  • The commission will be nullified if the buyer cancels the order.
  • The commission shall be refunded to HOMLEDJ PTE LTD in the event of a return, refund, or cancellation after the commission has been disbursed.
  • The commission for successfully completed referral orders will be processed the following month and the commission will be disbursed on the last day of that month. Orders will be processed by the system as successfully completed after delivery or installation is completed. E.g Your referral’s order was successfully completed in the month of March so your commission will be processed in the month of April and will be disbursed to you on the last day of April. 
  • The commission earned will be disbursed via PayNow to Affiliate Partner using the PayNow-Linked mobile number or PayNow-Linked UEN provided under “Account Name” in the Affiliate Dashboard.
  • The commission shall be disbursed on the last day of each month.

3. Conversions

  • Referral Cookies expire after 1 month.
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